SEO and Blog Consulting Services

Professional services catered to each customer’s needs.

Hey there! You’re a blogger with a lot on your plate. You’re writing content, keeping up with your mailing list, posting to social media, and figuring out tech. SEO feels overwhelming and you realize it’s simply smarter to hire a professional you can trust to do this work for you.

Whether you need help with something technical on your site, articles written, or you need someone to explain SEO to you in a simple and straightforward manner, I’m there for you. I have over ten years of experience in one-on-one teaching and eight years doing SEO.

Below are our current offers. Want to chat about them? Contact us for more information or click on a service to get details. Your satisfaction is our goal and it is our pleasure to discuss any questions you have before you hire us.

Current Offers

Site Speed Optimization

Speed up your site to decrease bounce rate, increase traffic and revenue.

Blog Post Optimization

Have your blog posts reworked to improve their rankings on Google, thereby increasing traffic to them significantly.

Technical SEO Audit

Get your site’s technical errors identified and fixed, increasing your blog’s credibility.

Monetization Audit

Get a report that discusses how to improve your monetization methods so that you can significantly increase your revenue.

1-on-1 SEO Consult

Sit down for an hour to learn anything and everything about WordPress SEO.

Website Migration

Moving to a new domain? Hire us to make the process seamless.

SEO Ghostwriting

Professionally researched and optimized articles written to rank.

After you purchase a service from us, we will follow up as soon as possible and discuss all of the details of the project. After details are finalized, work will begin. We will be available for support during the entire process!

Something Else?

Need an SEO or blogging issue solved that isn’t listed above? Contact us and let’s discuss!